Photo of a green bucket with green cleaning productsSustainable Cleaning

At Northwest Center Janitorial & Building Services, we share your commitment to maintaining a healthy environment and reducing your carbon footprint. We take a holistic approach to sustainability and have analyzed every step of our cleaning and maintenance processes to ensure environmental safety, energy efficiency and maximum performance.

Clean Products

Northwest Center exclusively uses Green Seal-Approved commercial cleaners and environmentally-friendly industrial chemicals. These products deliver exceptional quality and help ensure a sustainable workplace that is free from harmful toxins, residues and odors. For example, our building services team uses low-VOC finishes and biodegradable industrial cleaners. These products do not include any ingredients that are harmful to people or the environment, including carcinogens, toxins, harsh acids or heavy metals.

Clean Equipment

Our sustainability focus includes using high-efficiency equipment designed with indoor air quality in mind, such as our backpack vacuums with HEPA filter attachments. We use microfiber cloths and mops, which remove dust and dirt from surfaces more efficiently than standard tools and use less cleaning and maintenance products.

Photo of a person mopping a floorClean Systems

Our green cleaning approach is built into our process. We organize the workflow in our buildings so that we go from the top down – turning off lights as we go to reduce power consumption. Our floor care programs are designed so floors don’t have to be stripped and refinished as often, which eliminates excess water use and the amount of chemicals that are released into the environment. Our building processes utilize sustainable and/or recycled resources. We also work with our customers to develop recycling programs and partner with waste companies to set up recycling of cans, bottles, composting materials, paper and cardboard.

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